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    Ken's Bicycle Shop P12-35 (Hilton) Breakeven

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    Ken's Bicycle Shop sells mountain bikes. For purposes of a cost-volume-profit analysis, the shop owner has divided sales into two categories, as follows:

    Product Category Sales Price Invoice Cost Sales Commissions
    High quality $700 $375 20% of sales
    Medium quality 500 235 20% of sales
    The shop anticipates selling 500 bicycles, 300 of which will be medium quality. Annual fixed costs are $80,000. Ignore taxes.
    a. What is the shop's sales mix?
    b. What is the shop's break-even sales volume in dollars? (Hint: Find the break-even sales volume first.)
    c. How many bicycles of each type must the firm sell to earn a target net income of $50,000?
    d. Build your own spreadsheet. Prepare a computer spreadsheet to complete requirements (a)-(c) of this exercise. What if the market for high quality bikes drops 20 percent and Ken maintains market share?

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