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    Prepare journal entries to record budget, transactions, closing

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    The budgeted and actual revenues and expenditures of Seaside Township for a recent year (in millions) were as presented in the schedule that follows:

    1. Prepare journal entries to record the budget
    2. Prepare journal entries to record the actual revenues and expenditures. Assume all transactions resulted in increases or decreases in cash.
    3. Prepare journal entries to close the accounts
    4. Determine the net change in fund balance. Does it equal the net change in actual revenues and expenditures

    Revenues Budget Actual
    Property taxes 7.5 7.6
    Sales taxes 2.1 2.4
    Other revenues 1.6 1.5
    Total revenues 11.2 11.5

    Wages and salaries 6.2 6.1
    Supplies 3.1 3.0
    Other expenditures 1.3 1.2
    Total expenditures 10.6 10.3
    Increase in fund balance 0.6 1.2

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