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    Debit, Credit, and Journal Entries

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    Woodcross LLC had the following events occur during the month of July.
    1. Received $40,000 from investors for contributed capital
    2. Borrowed $15,500 from bank
    3. Paid $4,000 in rent
    4. Made sale on account for $12,500
    5. Made cash sales to customers totaling $29,700
    6. Repaid part of bank loan for $6,000
    7. Purchased new equipment for $5,000
    8. Paid $13,000 for wages
    9. Paid $1,900 for utilities

    Prepare the nine journal entries. Each entry will have a debit and a credit entry. Indicate word Debit followed by thr account title(name); Credit followed by the account title(name).

    Debit Cash xxx(amount)
    Credit Contributed Capital (amount)

    Use appropriate account title(names); there is no need to indent as ecollege may not retain the indent. Please include words debit and credit before the account title (name) and amount clearly.

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    This is how we would prepare the journal entries. The left (1st) entry is always the debit and the second (right) entry is the credit.

    1. Cash 40,000 ...

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    This solution provides the correct debit, credit, and journal entries based on the information provided. All necessary entries are given.