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    Cash disbursements journal - Perpetual

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    Exhibit 7.11 attached. Please do this problem.
    Politte Supply uses a sales journal, a purchases journal, a cash receipts journal, a cash disbursements journal, and a general journal. The following transactions occur in the month of April. Apr. 3 Purchased merchandise for $2,750 on credit from Scott, Inc., terms 2_10, n_30.

    9 Issued check no. 210 to Kidman Corp. to buy store supplies for $450.

    12 Sold merchandise costing $400 on credit to C. Myers for $670, terms n_30.

    17 Issued check no. 211 for $1,500 to pay off a note payable to City Bank.

    20 Purchased merchandise for $3,500 on credit from LeBron, terms 2_10, n_30.

    29 Issued check no. 212 to LeBron to pay the amount due for the purchase of April 20, less the discount.

    30 Paid salary of $1,700 to B. Decker by issuing check no. 213.

    31 Issued check no. 214 to Scott, Inc., to pay the amount due for the purchase of April 3.

    Prepare headings for a cash disbursements journal like the one in Exhibit 7.11. Journalize the April transactions that should be recorded in the cash disbursements journal.

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    Cash Disbursements Journal
    Date Ck. No. Payee Account Debited PR Cash Cr. Inventory Cr. Other Accounts Dr. Accounts Payable Dr.
    April 9 210 Kidman Co. 450 450
    17 211 City Bank 1,500 ...

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