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    EFAS &IFAS tables

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    Research the Volkswagen Group website. Using your research findings from the Library and the Internet, develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary) table. The tables are to be submitted in one Excel file (one sheet for the EFAS and one sheet for the IFAS), separate from your assignment that will be written in MS Word.

    You will be graded on your knowledge of the software and math in building the MS Excel tables, and on your ability to communicate in writing and present your arguments. The description of both your environmental and internal scanning process, including what factors you considered and why will be in your MS Word file.

    In summary, you will submit two files: one file in MS Excel, which will count as two written pages, and one file in MS Word.

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    // While writing this paper, we will analyze strategic factor analysis of Volkswagen group. SWOT analysis will be done by identifying the internal and external environment of an organization. Internal environment comprises of strength and weakness of an organization. External factors include opportunities and threats faced by an organization. This study helps in analyzing the strategy of an organization.//

    Background and concept: Volkswagen Group

    Volkswagen is one of the largest car makers in Europe since 1970s. Volkswagen has largest assembling plant (Wolfsburg) and is the best selling car (Golf) in Europe. Volkswagen is also recognized as a German company. The position of Volkswagen brands is at premium level in the market but Audi has mass premium. Volkswagen comes out from the will of Adolf Hitler. It was his dream that every German family should have a car in its garage. So the name of the car was called "Volkswagen" which means ''People's Car''. An Australian engineer was appointed that time to develop a mass production car for his people (Volkswagen, 2010).

    Being a German car, the company has increased its business all over the world. One of the major brands of Volkswagen is Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti. The company has situated its plants in some of the countries which are Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and China. Now, the company is also providing a close view towards the production, to maintain growth in the market. The main attraction of the company is its experiment in the field of production. In 2008, Volkswagen was ranked as 8th largest manufacturing company in the world. Volkswagen group is primarily divided into two divisions: the Automotive Division and the Financial Services Division. Company is showing global expansion and diversification of plants and businesses.

    It has a leading position in the market and has developed its skills in the automobile market. The company has acquired a strong status due to its well developed services. The clients of the company are handled and behaved in an effective manner. The company is having a strong background for its business and is known as one of the best brand.

    //Now we have learned about internal and external analysis. We have also learned about the company. Further we will study the internal environment of the company, which includes its strength and weakness.//

    SWOT analysis of Volkswagen Group:

    SWOT analysis is an important technique of the ...

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