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The Goal by Eliayhu Goldrat

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Your Supply Chain Manager thinks that theories taught in The Goal by Eliayhu Goldratt may have direct applicability to your company and the decisions being made.

Your Supply Chain Manager is probably your most knowledgeable subordinate and is the leading candidate to replace you someday. Because you want to "stay a step ahead" of him, you decide to study the area, so you go to the Cybrary and Internet and begin research.

Read about key elements and applications of Goldratt's Theory of Constraints. Post, with explanation, at least three elements that you found most important and applicable to the company

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TOC focuses on removing the bottlenecks and constraints.
Thus TOC helps in each of the elements of TQM by:

1. Identify the system's constraint(s).
2. Decide how to exploit the constraint(s).
3. Subordinate everything else to the above decision.
4. Elevate the constraint.
5. If, in any of the above steps, the constraint has been broken, go back to Step 1.

Thus improvements in quality and moving towards JIT are consequences of implementing Theory of Constraints. It leads to reduction in inventory which is also the motto of JIT. This helps in reducing the cost and improving the focus and the quality. It helps in systematizing the improvement in quality. ...

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This discusses the Supply Chain and Location Planning thorugh the theory of the Goal by Eliayhu Goldrat