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    Forecasting methods

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    Hello, thank you for taking the time to look and consider my posting on this holiday weekend. I am seeking your assistance as I have recently become a Realtor and want to analyze my business as well as use that information to describe it to my class.

    Can you explain the forecasting methods that could possibly be used by a Realtor to predict demand (I am think maybe the demand for buyers, since they are more difficult to come-by in today's market, but feel free to add your own input)? How would this forecasting process support supply change decision making and management? Based on your research and observations, what recommendations could you offer me for improvement in forecasting and/or supply chain management? What would a possible flow chart look like in this situation if one could be used? Would you kindly provide me with the sources that you used? If you can, please provide me with as much information as you can, as the presentation is lengthy and I could really use your knowledge in my daily work, I know I am asking much, but if possible, maybe six or seven pages worth of information?

    Again, I sincerely appreciate all your efforts, knowledge, and experience; your time is precious and I feel it is worth every penny, at the least, so thank you again for sharing it with me.

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