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Waiting line analyses.

Describes the uses of waiting line analyses. Please provide references.

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Waiting Line Analysis:

Waiting lines, which are also known as queuing conditions, are encountered by customers in diverse business operations. The waiting lines form because clients arrive at the business premise at a faster rate than they are served. This condition does not necessary mean that the company is understaffed or not well managed but because the customers do not arrive at a constant rate. It could also imply that the clients are not served at an equal amount of time. Time in of essence, and all the clients who enter business premises to purchase a commodity or to be rendered services should be respected by the organization by being offered with the services and products in appropriate time (Ashley, 2000).

Through the waiting line system analysis, the operating characteristics like the average number of customers who wait in line and the average period that a customer stays inline are obtained. The basic elements of a waiting line are; arrivals, servers and the waiting line ...

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The expert uses of waiting line analysis is described. References are provided.