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    Synergy in Corporations

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    Identify sources of synergy or core competencies among the diversified firms.

    Question: First, list at least three products or services; second, indicate the possible sources of synergy, and third, give the actual company being described in your discussion.

    For example:

    Products or Services:
    Television station, radio station, amusement parks, movie studio, retail outlets, cable station, distribution network, cruise lines, animation school

    Family entertainment

    Walt Disney

    Six forms of synergy: Shared Know-How,Coordinated Strategies, Shared Tangible Resources, Economies of Scale or Scope, Pooled Negotiating Power, and New Business Creation.

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    Products or services:
    Beverages, snacks, convenient dinners, dairy, cheese, ...

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    Three examples of product and services, the synergy and company names. The object is to find companies with diversity that provide synergy among the products and improve the company.