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Should You Invest in WalMart?

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Research WALMART to analyze.

Prepare a report including the following information:
- What is the history of this company? How did it begin? What differentiates this company from its competitors?
- Compute the following ratios for this company:
-- current ratio
-- inventory turnover ratio
-- accounts receivable turnover ratio
-- debt to equity
-- return on assets
-- return on equity
-- gross margin on sales
- What do these ratios indicate about the company?
- Who would be interested in each of the ratios listed above? Why?
- How well is this company doing? If possible, find the industry ratios for comparison.
- What other information would be useful for investors and creditors in making economic decisions about this company?
- Would you invest in this company?

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Excel and Word documents to show WalMart's history and financial ratios in order to decide whether one should invest in it or not.