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Sample Size Determination and Sample size Calculator

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In Yahoo! use the search term "Sample Size Determination." Select a University or Government webpage that discusses the topic.

Paragraph 1: In simple terms explain what researchers must go through to select the right sample size for a study. (Be sure to cite and reference the website)

Paragraph 2: Explain how the calculators work. Test the two calculators using a population, confidence level and confidence interval you select. Discuss the results. (Be sure to cite and reference the website)

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The solution discusses how to determine the sample size from a population. It shows also a sample size calculator.

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On Sampling Determination
The University of Lethbridge (2011) suggested the following when determining the sample size: first, estimate of the population standard deviation, second, determine the acceptable level of sampling error, and third, determine the desired level of confidence that the sample result will fall within a certain range of true population values.

According to the Research Advisor (2006) "it is possible to construct a table that suggests the optimal sample size - given a population size, a specific margin of error, and a desired confidence interval".

Krejcie and Morgan (1970) suggested a formula (see attached file) to determine the sample size.

n = x^2*N*P*(1-P) / (ME^2*(N-1) + (X^2*P*(1-P)

n = sample size
^2 = means raise to the second power
X^2 = ...

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