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Research Design: See if there is any direct effects

Using Table 1.1 (attached), what type of research is the following? Explain and defend your analysis.

The research we will conduct will take select groups of firemen trainees who are attending technical training and perform one of two tests. One group will have no pre-course assistance before starting training. The other group will attend a three-day training class designed to assist them with academics through the course. Both groups' academic scores will be tracked during their 68 days of technical training to see if there is any direct effects for the pre-course assistance had on those students that received it and those students that did not.


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This research is likely a "true experiment." The reason is that you are separately the participants (presumably randomly) into two groups, one will receive no treatment and one will receive the treatment (pre-training). The group not receiving the treatment is the control group and the group getting the pre-training is the experimental group. If the scores of the fireman that are pre-trained are ...

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Your response is 255 words. This could be one of two designs and the response explains what the critical fact that determines this.