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Impacts on the U.S. business world.

What topic/issue you think will have an impact (positive or negative) on the business world in the U.S.A (either short-term or long-term) and indicate why you feel this way?

Over 400 word essay with reference.

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As the economy here in the United States continues to be up and down, there are many economic topics and issues that will impact both short and long term markets. Though many companies are exporting jobs as it relates to services and products, they all share one reason in why they are doing so; the cost of oil. The cost of oil on a global platform will continue to play a major factor on both short and long term markets because of the increasing prices per barrel. Economists today have determined that oil prices maintain the fundamental drive in how industries operate and approach competition here in the United States and on a global market.

The cost of oil has driven gas prices ...

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As the global economy continues to recover from a financial recession we take a look at some different issues that impact the business world as we know it. The global economy has a major impact on import/export as well as goods/services based on the price of oil.

Over 400 word essay with reference.