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Bushtrack catalogue, service centers

A Service Catalog defines the specifics of a service center's mission, down to the level of performance metrics and budgeting concerns. Unfortunately, many service centers do not actively maintain their service catalogs nor fully develop them. The result can be chaos for both managers and employees.Bushtrack catalogue

Download a copy of a service catalog and evaluate it in the context of the Service Catalog function list from attached text files. Identify and document the shortcomings of the Service Catalog and make recommendations on how it could be improved. You do not need to rewrite the Catalog, simply critique its content. Bushtrack catalogue.


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The selected catalogue is the Bushtrack catalogue: This has been downloaded from: http://www.bushtracks.com/planner/terms.htm

1. Define services: To an extent the catalogue allows the user to determine and understand the service that he will be receiving from the travel service. However, there are areas of ambiguity. If the tours and treks are arranged by Bushtrack then they would be the one's who will be arranging for the visas that will be required for the countries visited. The catalogue mentions that necessary visa kits with full instructions will be sent. However, in the terms and conditions, the catalogue mentions under 'documentation' that it will be the tour participant's responsibility to ensure that passports, visas, travel permits.....are obtained, current and in order'.
2. Communicate the scope of the services: The Bushtrack to a great extent communicates the scope of the services, that is the arrangements that will be made for a tour, however, Bushtrack catalogue also leaves some ambiguities. For, example the catalogue does not mention if tailor made itinerary or standard itinerary, a member of ...

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