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    Computing dividends, expected return and stock price

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    A company will pay $2 dividends next year. These dividends are expected to grow at a rate of 15% for four years. Afterward, the long term growth rate is expected to settle at 4%. The published beta for the stock is 1.2, the expected rate of return on the market is 13% and the current risk free rate is 3%.

    1) Calculate the company's dividends to from year 1 to year 5?
    2) MVI's beta is 1.6, the expected return on the market is currently 12.75 percent, and the risk free rate is 4%? What should be the company's required return?
    3) Calculate the company's stock price at the end of year 4 as the constant growth period begins.
    4) Calculate the company's stock price today.

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