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Statement of Cash Flows and Analysis of Indicators

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Prepare a Statement of Cash Flows:

Selected financial statement information and additional data for XYZ Co. is presented below.
December 31
2009 2010

Cash $42,000 $63,000
Accounts Receivable (net) 84,000 151,200
Inventory 168,000 201,600
Land 58,800 21,000
Equipment 504,000 789,600
Total $856,800 $1,226,400
Accumulated depreciation 84,000 115,600
Accounts payable 50,400 86,000
Notes payable - short-term 67,200 29,400
Notes payable - long-term 168,000 302,400
Common Stock 420,000 487,200
Retained earnings 67,200 205,800
Total $856,800 $1,226,400

Additional data for 2010:
1. Net income was $235,200.
2. Depreciation was $31,600.
3. Land was sold at its original cost.
4. Dividends of $96,600 were paid.
5. Equipment was purchased for $84,000 cash.
6. Long-term note was for $201,600 was used to pay for an equipment purchase.
7. Common stock was issued to pay a $67,200 long-term not payable.

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The statement of cash flows and analysis of indicators are examined.

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