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Determining Cash Flow Using Direct and Indirect Methods

Income statement was $200,000. Depreciation was recorded on fixed assets and patents for $20,000 and $7,000. balance of assets and liability at the end and at the beginning of year are as follows:
end beginning
cash $50,000 $60,000
Accounts receivable 112,000 108,000
Inventories 102,000 80,000
prepaid expenses 2,500 4,500
accounts payable 20,000 15,000
What is amount of cash flows from operating activities reported on the statement of cash flows prepared by the indirect method?

The numbers are changed but this problem is similar to my exercise problem.

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Amount of Cash Flows Prepared by the Indirect Method

Given: Income from Income Statement: $200,000; Depreciation recorded for fixed assets and patents was $20,000 and $7000 respectively, and the balance of assets and ...

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