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Cash Flow Statement

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12-3A) the income statement of Elbert Company is presented here:

Elbert Company
Income Statement
For the year ended November 30,2007

Sales $ 7,700,000
Cost of goods sold
Beginning inventory $1,900,000
Purchases $4,400,000

Goods available for sale $6,300,000
Ending inventory $1,400,000

Total of goods sold $ 4,900,000

Gross Profit $ 2,800,000
Operating Expenses
Selling expenses $450,000
Administrative Exp. $700,000 $ 1,150,000

Net Income $ 1,650,000

Additional Information:
1) Accounts receivable increased $250,000 during the year and inventory decreased $500,000.
2) Prepaid expenses increased $150,000 during the year.
3) Accounts payable to suppliers of merchandise decreased $340,000 during the year.
4) Accrued expenses payable decreased $100,000 during the year.
5) Administrative expenses include depreciation expense of $90,000.

Prepare the operating activities section of the statement of cash flows for the year ended November 30, 2007, for Ebert Company using the indirect method.


Prepare the operating activities section of the cash flows using the direct method, same year ending.


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