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The State of Mexican Economics, Trade, Industry and Politics

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Task: Write a report on Mexico encompassing the following information:

1.What is the present state of the economy of Mexico (e.g., GNP, per capita income, rate of economic growth, etc.)?

2. How much debt does Mexico have?

3. How does the economy of Mexico (particularly the economic growth rate) today compare to 20 or 30 years ago?

4. What are the dominant industries and or corporations, and who controls them?

5. How would you characterize the present government of Mexico (democratic, authoritarian, etc.)?

6. What is the trade relationship between Mexico and the United States?

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To get you started I have provided some starting websites for you to check out (at the end of this page) and a couple of articles you might want to read (see attachments).

As you work through your assignment keep the following in mind:
Economic statistics for GNP, income, and growth are readily available but beware that there may be significant variation from one source to the next so you may want to provide high and low statistics or mid-range data. Either way, note these variations in your writing and what numbers/ calculations you are using.

Debt figures are also easily found but make note that they are usually estimates only, and can therefore be subject to variation from source to source (as above).

In comparing the Mexican economy to 20 years ago, you cannot ...

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This solution provides web resources for discussing Mexican economics, industry, government, and trade.
Topics include GDP, income, economic growth, debt, major industries and corporations, forms of government, and the US- Mexican trade relationship.

Solution also highlights key points to be kept in mind when reading about these topics.

Includes several links to internet content and two articles are attached (one Congress Report, one IMF Paper)