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    Sales quota and the factors which can affect performance

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    Given the following information from evaluations of the performance of different sales representatives, what possible conclusions can be made as to why the sales reps are not achieving quota (assume each is not making quota)?

    a. Representative 1: Achieved goals for sales calls, telephone calls, and new accounts; customer relations good; no noticeable deficiencies in any areas.
    b. Representative 2: Completed substantially fewer sales calls than goal. Telephone calls high in number, but primarily with one firm. Time management analysis shows the sales rep to be spending a disproportionately large amount of time with one firm. New accounts are low; all other areas good to outstanding.
    c. Representative 3: Number of sales calls low, below goal. Telephone calls, letters, proposals all very low and below goal. Evaluation shows poor time utilization. Very high amount of service-related activities in sales representative's log; customer relations extremely positive; recently has received a great deal of feedback from customers on product function. Sales Force management 10th Edition

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    In response to the above, we need to note the steps which should be used in order to make a sale. In order, they include the following:

    * introduction - at the beginning of the call we introduce ourselves, our company, and the reason for the call (should have some reference to creating potential value/benefit for the firm being solicited

    * fact finding includes the next logical step in terms of determining the goals of the firm, and any distinguishing information which can be used to justify the purchase of our product/service

    * arranging the information into a presentation which highlights the facts obtained, and which features a solution which can provide benefit and value to the client

    * the presentation is given, and agreement is sought and obtained

    * objections are recognized and answered, and the sale is finalized

    * implementation

    With Rep 1, all signs are positive relative to the steps to be considered above, except that quota is not being achieved. As a result, there are two possible areas for review: one is the rep is not qualifying the client properly in terms of their interest level, their ability ...

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    There are many theories related to sales performance and to the reasons for great performance, or lack thereof. This is an actual analysis of the performance of sales reps in terms of their performance and what can be done to help improve that performance. In addition, it provides a road map for the successful route for making sales, and how that can factor into a high level of sales performance.