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    Is Sales A Numbers Game?

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    Is sales "just a numbers game," as one sales manager states? She believes that all you have to do is make the right number of calls of the right type, and the odds will work in your favor. Make 10 calls, get one sale. So to get two sales, make 20 calls. Is this the right approach? Why or why not?

    (Chapter 13: Page 426 #4)
    Sales Force management 10th edition

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    This is not the right approach. While this could be considered an approach to make sales, there are other options to consider, which would likely increase the number of sales. The manager sees making sales calls as a necessity, with the attitude that calls being made will likely produce a sale at some point in time. While we could see the credibility in this statement, using other methods would allow sales to grow ...

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    This solution explains if sales is just a numbers game, and discusses if the approach being used is the right approach. A thorough discussion is provided. Additionally, the solution provides several reference source links for further research on the topic.