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    McDonald's Monopoly Game analysis

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    1) McDonald's has run a monopoly game for many years. Do an Internet search for "McDonald's Monopoly Game" and read about how the game works and what people think about this sales promotion. Based on your experience and what you learned, should McDonald's continue to run the game each year? What other sales promotions would you recommend for McDonald's?

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    McDonald's has been running the Monopoly prize game since 1987 (Munarriz, R.A., 2014), and the sweepstakes has been a continual draw of customers, helping boost sales for the franchises, while customers are excited about the chance to win an exciting top prize. According to Daily Finance, there have been a few scandals amidst McDonald's employees, from local restaurants to the highest levels (at one point over $20 million was pilfered from the fast-food giant); however after squelching these internal struggles by offering more to their customer-base, McDonald's continued and continues to draw crowds with their promotions.

    Based on past experience playing the game, ...

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    A brief analysis of why McDonald's continues to run the Monopoly game...