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Accounting Project - financial analysis, real life decision

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I am having trouble coming up with an idea for an Accounting Class Project. We must come up with a real life financial situation and perform a detailed financial analysis using financial tools from the course. Two examples given would be lease vs buy a car or rent vs buy a condo. Calculations required would be NPV, IRR, Payback, Accrual Accounting Rate of Return. Any ideas for "situation" that would fit this type of analysis other than those already provided? They could be a personal financial decision or for a family or family business.

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In order to perform the financial analysis required, you will need good quantitative data. It might make more sense to select a comparison where good data can be obtained rather than having to manufacture your own only to find that the results are not meaningful.

In following that idea, I would broaden my view to allow for better analysis and team involvement. Here are a couple ...

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