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    Profitability, Liquidity and Solvency ratios

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    Describe each type of ratio category: liquidity, solvency, and profitability. Also, choose one ratio from each category and provide an example and describe what each is useful for.

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    Liquidity Ratios: Liquidity relates to the ability of a company's to meet its short-term debts (current liabilities) as and when due. The major focus, in liquidity analysis, is to ascertain the relationship between the current assets and current liabilities.

    An example of a ratio under this category is the Current Ratio. This is the most commonly used ratio and measures the extent of coverage that a company's current assets give over the current liabilities. There is no fixed number for this ratio; ...

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    The solution gives explanations and examples for the different categories of ratios.
    The following ratios are described:
    - Liquidity ratios.
    - Profitability ratios.
    - Solvency

    Examples are given for each category.