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    Define a non zero-sum situation and a zero-sum situation.

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    Define a non zero-sum situation and a zero-sum situation. What are some strategies for a successful or neutral outcome in a zero-sum negotiation? If win-win negotiations are easier to conduct if both parties trust each other, how can you build trust in negotiations?

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    How does decreased communication contribute to conflict in a negotiation? Describe your attitude toward conflict and what is the best strategy for resolving conflict in a negotiation?

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    Negotiation is a complex social process. When two or more parties get into a conflict situation, they frequently think that one party will win and other will lose or they will have a common solution which will be mutually beneficial to both.
    There are situations when goals of both the parties are interconnected and there will be only one winner. This situation is known as zero-sum or distributive situation. In this situation, gain of one party leads to the loss to another party. This is a competitive situation where one person's goal achievement is linked with the loss of other party's goals achievement. On the other hand, when the goals of both parties are linked and success of one party causes or facilitates the goal achievement of another party, it is known as non-zero-sum or integrative situation.
    Win-lose strategies and creating value and bargaining strategies are effective strategies in case of successful zero sum situation. Information also plays an important ...

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    The expert defines a non zero-sum situation and a zero-sum situation.