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    Timothy Kent Designers Linear Programming Objective Function

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    Each coffee table produced by Timothy Kent Designers nets the firm a profit of $9. Each bookcase yields a $12 profit. Kent's firm is small and its resources limited. During any given production period (of 1 week), 10 gallons of varnish and 12 length of high quality redwood are available. Each coffee table requires approximately 1 gallon of varnish and 1 length of redwood. Each bookcase takes 1 gallon of varnish and 2 lengths of wood.

    T = number of tables produced each week
    B = number of bookcases produced each week

    Referring to the above mentioned problem, if we were to frame this as a linear programming problem, the objective function would be

    a. minimize 10T + 10B

    b. maximize 9B + 12T

    c. maximize 9T + 12B

    d. maximize 12T + 10B

    e. none of the above

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