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    Service Operations Standard

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    In this paper you will create a small case or use a situation/problem from real life. You will discuss this situation together with a discussion that
    works through a solution of your own to the problem posed. Problems or issues from your own work (e.g., service operations or overhead functions) can be excellent situations, although they need not be chosen.

    In the first part of the paper you should specify the situation,
    while in the second part of the paper you should work out what you personally and professionally see as its solution.

    Any type of operations management problem can be chosen, from line balance to job design to new equipment justification to quality problems to whatever operational options can be associated with the case.

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    The link below will be helpful in acquainting you with cases/situations that you may come up with.

    Other useful points about operations management.
    Source: Manager's Guide to Operations Management by John Kamauff. McGraw-Hill © 2010

    Operations management: "The direction and control of the processes that transform inputs into outputs for customers—finished goods or services. It entails the design and control of systems responsible for the productive use of raw materials, human resources, equipment, and facilities in developing goods and/or services. Operations management encompasses planning, sourcing and purchasing, inventory management, production management, marketing, sales, distribution, supply chain management, quality management, management information systems, and more." (Kamauff, 2010)
    "In all walks of life, you will find operations managers. They don't fit into any one category, and they do not have all the same responsibilities, but one thing is the same—they make everything happen.
    Operations management is both an art and a science. It involves working with things and with people, with certainties and with possibilities and probabilities. The science includes understanding the processes, tools, and techniques. The art is in applying them effectively within the context of the people who provide the inputs, the people who process the inputs into outputs, the people who deliver the outputs, and the people who buy those outputs." (Kamauff, 2010)

    My example below should also guide you in addressing the question above:

    Organization and Issue:
    Great Connectors was a non-profit organization that was very committed to providing ...

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    A common service standard is crucial for meeting the needs of clients in any organization.