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    NPV and IRR: Calculate the highest discount rate before rejecting the project

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    NPV and IRR. A project that costs $3,000 to install will provide annual cash flows of $800 for each of the next 6 years. Is this project worth pursuing if the discount rate is 10 percent? How high can the discount rate be before you would reject the project?

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    In this question, we must first calculate the present value of this
    project if the discount rate is 10%. The present value would be:

    PV = -3000 + 800/1.1 + 800/1.1^2 + 800/1.1^3 + 800/1.1^4 + 800/1.1^5 + 800/1.1^6

    Using the formula mentioned in the link under the title of
    "Calculating the Present Value of an Ordinary ...

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