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issuance costs and mispricing costs

Why should issuance costs and mispricing costs be included in the assessment of the project's value? How do you include them?

Book: Corporate Finance: The Core, 2nd ed.

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Value of the project represents the worth of project in terms of money that can be calculated by the assessment of cost, expenses and income associated with the project. This paper includes that why should issuance cost and mis-pricing costs be included in the assessment of the project's value as well as it defines that the process to include them.

Project management is now a valuable entity of every organization, which provides a valuable support by managerial, technical, administrative and training services. Every organisation is now leading to improve their overall effectiveness of the project. To improve the effectiveness, every firm is using quantitative assessment of the project. Quantitative assessment is related to valuation of the project that defines it in terms of money by analyzing economic, technical, service and social conditions. It represents that how much a firm receives in exchange of the price paid for a market ...

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