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Cash flows and NPV for a new project.

Syracuse Road building Company is considering the purchase of a new tandem box dump truck. The truck costs $95,000, and an additional $5,000 is needed to paint it with the firm logo and install radio equipment. Assume the truck falls into the MACRS three-year class. The truck will generate no additional revenues, but it will reduce cash operating expenses by $35,000 per year. The truck will be sold for $40,000 after its five-year life. An inventory investment of $4,000 is required during the life of the investment. Syracuse Road building is in the 45% income tax bracket.
1. What is the net investment?
2. What is the after-tax net operating cash flow for each of the five years?
3. What is the after-tax salvage value?
4. Assuming a 10% cost of capital, what is the NPV of this investment?

Please give detailed examples, how the problem was solved, what functions was used in excel, etc. Thank you!

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