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International Business and Mergers/MNCs

This week's chapter is about international business. one of last week's chapters was about merger. Of course, one of the logical consequences of these two is international merger/acquisition, or multi-national corporations
What do you think of the current trend toward this? Who does it benefit? Are there downsides? Is there a need for a common currency (either legally like the Euro, or informally like the acceptance of the dollar)? Would there be anything you can think of that might need to be done to either encourage or discourage these circumstances?

Be sure to distinguish between merely operating in a country (selling your products there) and actual ownership/control of foreign companies.

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Let's go question by question on this:

What do you think of the current trend toward this?
-I think MNCs are on the rise and have been since the creation of the East India Company. As globalization increases and the world effectively becomes a smaller place, companies are going to become MNCs such that they can compete globally.

Who does it benefit?
-Clearly, the company itself has a ...

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