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Drives Behind Work Motivation

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Read the article (http://hbr.org/2008/07/employee-motivation-a-powerful-new-model/ar/1) and in a 4-5 pages paper address the following expectations:

1. In your own words, explain what the four drives that underlie motivation are according to the authors. Discuss these needs in length and provide examples for each

2. What was the question that the researchers were attempting to answer in their research (i.e., their research question? and what did the researchers find in term of the influence of certain drives on some motivational indicators?

3. The motivation model that the authors describe in the article posits that employee motivation is influenced by a complex system of managerial and organizational factors. Describe those factors and explain how each factor can fulfill the drives that motivate employees. In other words, explain what actions need to be taken by each factor in order to enhance employees' motivation and what needs or drives are involved.

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1. In your own words, explain what the four drives that underlie motivation are according to the authors. Discuss these needs in length and provide examples for each

The drive to defend is a part of the basic nature of people. It is rooted in the basic fight-or-flight response of most animals. Sometimes it is aggressive behavior, others defensive. People defend themselves, family and friends. They also defend ideas and beliefs against external threats and injustices. People feel good about themselves when they can defend their family and ideas. When they cannot defend these things, they often feel helpless and fearful. This explains the reason many people do not like change or to be directly challenged. They feel they cannot adequately defend themselves and the things that are important to them. A good example is when rumors are of a possible merger occur. Some people embrace the new ideas, others refuse to participate or only participate as much as they need.

The drive to acquire is common to everyone. People seek to acquire goods, physical goods like food and clothing, housing and money (these can be found on Maslow?s pyramid of needs). They also like to acquire experiences like travel to new places and entertainment, such as going to events and out to dinner. The drive to acquire is also found in seeking promotions at work, improvements in social status. This drive to acquire is dependent on what others have and what we think will make us better. As importantly, this drive is ...

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