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Walnut Hill's need for marketing research information

Walnut Hill is a company that sells everything you could possibly need to make your own candles. Before its owner expands into other craft areas, she wants to do some marketing research. She has heard of too many companies that have gone out of business as a result of inappropriate or ill-timed expansion. First, explain the three types of market research firms from which she can buy market research. Criticize the three sources.Then, offer three suggestions on ways that she can obtain less expensive market research.

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Step 1

? Walnut Hill can buy market research from three types of marketing research firms.

? She can buy market research from firm who sell industry reports. This is also known as secondary data. Usually these are sold in the form of industry reports.

? She can buy market research from syndicated sources. These researchers actually do research ...

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Walnut Hill has the option of purchasing marketing research from syndicated sources. This posting shows how she can save money on marketing research!