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the test market toss-up

Please help me so I can complete the following assignment:

Write a detailed case study following these outlines.

1. Identification of the Issues

2. External Analysis

3. Internal Analysis

4. Alternatives

5. Decisions and Implementation

6. Measuring Results

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Identification of the Issues
The issues are:
1. The introduction of sweet dreams appears to have cannibalized the sales of la treat.
2. The marketing committee has decided to stop the production and marketing of sweet dreams.
3. The marketing committee has decided to go in for a new concets.
4. Bill is interested in persuading the committee that marketing sweet dreams should continue.
5. He has researched and established that contrary to the beliefs the sales of growth of la treat is dependent only on promotions and if the promotions effects are removed, the sales growth of la treat is not attractive.
6. The returns on sweet dreams were too low.

2. External Analysis
There was strong competition that la treat was facing in the market and there were ...

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