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Cultural dimensions in virtual teams

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Why is it important to understand the cultural dimensions of a virtual team? How does this affect group communication?

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All teams must understand the cultural dimensions of the team would be the first point. Virtual teams may have more cultural diversity simply because the virtual team is usually made up of members from physically different places. The virtual team is usually brought together through technology and multimedia means and so understanding the etiquette of each culture is enhanced by the need to know and respect technology based etiquette.

When a virtual team comes together the differences in company policy for each office may be the first problem. Some division offices may be in a country that observes certain societal or religious demands. For the office in Israel, there may be a need to not schedule updates and meetings on Friday nights or Saturdays. For those in Kuwait, there may be problems with the female members being unable to meet without permission from chaperones, if the meetings occur during ...

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A discussion about the reasons cultural dimensions are important to understand in virtual teams. References are provided as well.

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