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Preferred Operating Systems

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Some people believe that the only reason that the Microsoft Windows operating system is so widely used is that it comes pre-installed on most systems. In other words, if users had a real choice, many would not choose to use Microsoft Windows. Do you agree or disagree with this sentiment? In your response to Software include your preference of operating system.

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I definitely agree with this statement. In fact, Microsoft has been taken to court over this same issue a few different times. The main reason is because other software manufacturers believe that it creates a monopoly since the software comes preloaded. It's there, it's easy to use because Microsoft already dominates the market, and ...

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This solution explains if users would likely choose Microsoft Windows as an operating system if it did not come preloaded on most computers. I thoroughly discuss the likely percentage of users that would choose Microsoft Windows if users had to select an operating system. This solution is based on logical reasoning and not opinion of operating systems.

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