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Compare the Three Top Browsers: Chrome, MS IE and Firefox

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There are multiple Internet browsers available today, and many people choose which to use without giving it consideration. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Which is the better software tool: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome?

Supplement your argument with evidence, and indicate whether or not you changed your position based upon the discussion. Why or why not?

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In my opinion, and based on critical reviews in the computer industry, I will prefer Mozilla Firefox due to its versatility and cross flatform capabilities. Evidence confirming this choice is shown in the attached file. The file is entitled "guide to browser choice.doc".

Internet Explorer 8.x

JavaScript Speed: 6,305.5ms
Max CPU Usage: 13.1%
DOM Selection Speed: 137ms
CSS Rendering Speed: 793ms
Page Load Time: 1.61s
Cache Performance: 0.87s

By automatically organizing the tabs by color-coding, managing tabs was ...

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This solution describes the pros and cons of the three leading Internet browsers namely, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. This discussion focuses on one particular issue: Which of these browsers is better?