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Articles on Health Information Security

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HIPAA concerns will be growing over the next years as more physician practices in the United States adopt electronic health records (to take advantage of a federal government incentive plan under the HITECH Act). Find a recent article that discusses concerns about the security of health information of patients.

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The solution shows three articles with brief abstract and links about the security of health information. The articles contained here are Security and Privacy Issues with Health Care Information Technology, Privacy and Security in Electronic Health, and Consumer Views about Privacy and Electronic Health Information Exchange.

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Note: Since your posting requests for on concerns about the security of health information of patients, I have identified three articles and reports below:

1.) Security and Privacy Issues with Health Care Information Technology
By Marci Meingast, Tanya Roosta, Shankar Sastry (2006)
url: http://www.orcatech.org/papers/home_monitoring/06_Meingast_security_issues.pdf

The face of health care is changing as new technologies are being incorporated into the existing infrastructure. Electronic Patient Records and sensor networks for in-home patient monitoring are at the current forefront of new technologies. Paper-based patient records are being ...

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