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what is the contribution margin of Managerial Accounting

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I need to determine what is the contribution margin of Managerial Accounting and what is the difference between the contribution approach to the income statement and the traditional approach to the income statement?

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Here is some info for you regarding Contribution Margin:

Contribution margin analysis is a relatively simple tool afforded by cost/volume/profit analysis. In simplest terms, the contribution margin is total revenue minus total variable cost. This difference can be expressed as a percentage of total revenue. A company's contribution margin can be expressed as the percentage of each sale that remains after the variable costs are subtracted. Given the contribution margin, a manager can make better decisions about whether to add or subtract a product line, about how to price a product or service, and about how to structure sales commissions or bonuses. The contribution margin is computed using a special type of income statement that has been reformatted to group together a business's fixed and variable costs.

Here's an example of a contribution format income statement:

Beta Sales Company Contribution Format Income Statement
For Year Ended December 31, 200X
Sales $ 462,452
Less Variable Costs:
Cost of Goods Sold$ 230,934
Sales Commissions$ ...

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