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    Should the company replace the old machine with the new one? (List all relevant costs)

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    This is a question from my Management Accounting class homework. It has to do with relevant costs - in this case if there needs to be a replacement of machinery. Here is the question:

    Two machines:

    Category Old Machine New Machine
    Acquisition Cost $300,000 $360,000
    Remaining life 4 years 4 years
    Salvage Value now $100,000 -
    Salvage Value at the $4,000 $6,000
    end of 4 years

    Annual operating costs for the old machine are $140,000. The new machine will decrease annual operating costs by $60,000. These amounts do not include any charges for depreciation. The company used the straight-line depreciation method. These estimates of operation costs exlude rework costs. The new machine will also result in a decrease in the defect rate from the current 5% to 2.5%. All defective units are reworked at a cost of $1.00 per unit. The company, on average, produces 100,000 units annually.


    Should the company replace the old machine with the new one? I have to list all relevant costs

    What costs should be considered sunk costs for this decision?

    What other factors may affect the manager's decision?

    I attached the spreadsheet I have started, but I know I am setting it up wrong, I think that I am supposed to multiply everything by 100,000 since that is how many are produced annually...but I don't know where to start. Thanks!

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    The decrease in costs will be: Operating costs @80,000 per year that is 320,000 for four years, salvage value 6000 -4000 = 2000, defect rate 5% - 2.5% that is 2.5% of 100,000 @ $1 for four years = 10,000 this gives us a total decrease in cost of 332,000.

    The increase in cost will be: Acquisition cost 360,000 ...

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