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Pro-forma Financial Statements and Actual Financial Statements

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Search on the internet for pro-forma financial statements of any large public company from last year (e.g. Coca-cola, Home Depot, etc). Compare these to the results by looking at the actual financial statements. Many times, the companies will list how they performed compared to their estimates. Write a paragraph about the expectations the company had along with how they actually did. In addition, elaborate on why you think they did or did not meet their expectations.

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For the purpose of this assignment, I will take the case of automobile manufacturer General Motors. For 2014, the company's results beat the expectations due to stronger margins. The strong performance in the last quarter of the financial year helped the company to beat analysts expectations despite several challenges faced by the company.

Due to the strong performance, the ...

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This response discusses GM's earnings in 2014 and analyzes the reasons for not meeting expectations. This solution is 152 words with five references.

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