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    Managerial Accounting Information for Decisions and Control

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    Please assist me with the attached "Make or Buy" question (see attachment).

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    I'm filling in an re-posting the excel spreadsheet as well, but here is the summary of my answers.

    In make vs. buy decisions, you have to calculate the total cost of both options and determine which is the least costly.

    To begin this exercise, you need to decide what to put on your pizza/subs and how much of it to use. I've entered some suggestions for this. The rest, I cannot really help with because I'm not familiar with the cost of food where you're from. So, determine whether or not you like the list of ingredients and quantities, modify as necessary, and then guess (or go to the supermarket to check out) which brands and prices you would need to use. Enter these into the spreadsheet. You needn't do any of the Total Cost calculations unless you add rows--I've entered a formula to help you out with this. It should appear as ...

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