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    Search the Internet for two articles about the methods of cost controls in the health care reimbursement models and how the methods have affected the availability of services. Using the articles as resources, write at least two pages in which you answer the following questions for each article:

    What methods are reviewed?
    How have the methods affected the availability of services?
    Include references or URLs for the articles.

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    First Article
    The article written by Mick Diede and Richard Liliedahl exhibits several methods of cost control in healthcare reimbursement model. Fragile balance is one of the effective methods depicted in article to control healthcare cost. Under this method, effective contribution is made from each individual in the healthcare industry to reduce the cost of healthcare. Meeting demand of employer and purchaser for improved performance helps to minimize the cost associated with healthcare reimbursement (Diede & Liliedahl, 2002). Accepting the quality issue is another important measure suggested by Diede and Liliedahl to control the cost associated with healthcare reimbursement. Promoting the use of standard quality equipments will reduce the cost of healthcare reimbursement. Apart from this, promoting the use of disease management program would also be much effective to minimize the cost of healthcare reimbursement. With this program, appropriate drug could be used for specific disease by minimizing the cost of healthcare reimbursement.
    These methods have positive impact over the availability of healthcare service for people. With ensuring the fragile ...

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