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    Cost Allocation For Divisions, Products or Services

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    I need assistance with a report that allocates common costs to a division, product, or service.

    I need to:
    1) retrieve any report of Best Buy Co., Inc that allocates common costs to a division, product, or service.
    2) recast the report with unallocated costs and comment on the usefulness of that revised report.
    3) please state the activity and time period used, the inputs used, your results, and any implications from your results.
    4) please state references and provide attachments (if any)

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    Allocation of Costs
    We will use activity based costing to allocate costs. Activity- based costing can be used to identify discrete activities as well as identifying the primary output measure for each activity. With using activity-based costing there are value added-activities and non- value added-activities. Value added-activities are activities which customers are willing to pay for or show that after the process there will be a profit. Non- value activities are activities which ...

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    Cost allocation for divisions, products and services for Best Buy Co are examined in the solution.