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Claire's Antiques as its new accountant

****You have been hired by Claire's Antiques as its new accountant. Since Claire's Antiques is a small company, you will responsible for all of its accounting functions related to financial and managerial accounting.

You are explaining your new role to your friend. After explaining what you do, she expressed surprise about your role. She thought accountants did taxes and just 'did the books' after the real business of the company was over.

Explain to your friend why accounting is a much broader role and the type of positions available to accountants. Use the Library and the internet as necessary to explain to her the positions and responsibilities of managerial accountants.

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Managerial accountants have a wider responsibilities and broader role than normal accountants who will only prepare each quarter's financial statements to be issued to the company's shareholders.

The accounting system is used to provide financial statements to interested external users, plan the operations of the organization in both short and long run, and control the results of ...

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