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    Long-Term Asset

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    JK company has the following balances on the 2008 B/S: current assets = 70,000, long-term assets = 250,000, current liability = 40,000, long-term debt = 130,000, and stockholders equity = 150,000. The company has an operating lease contract. It promises to pay a lessor $10,000 annually for the next three years. The company's average borrowing rate (discount rate) is 10%. If the lease is recorded as a capital lease, what will be the long-term asset total?

    A) about 285,131
    B) about 274,868
    C) about 250,000
    D) about 296,321

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    C) about 250,000

    This is a trick question. The question wants the total of long term assets, ...

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