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Landlord Tenant Rights - lease conditions with Cactus Properties

Jim signs a two-year lease with Cactus Properties for a two-bedroom apartment. The lease stipulates the apartment will be used only for residential purposes. Jim operates an Internet business from home. He has installed six phone lines and has filled the second bedroom with computer equipment. He also has hired four college students to help him man the equipment twenty-four hours a day.

What are the landlord's rights?
What are the tenant's rights?

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The landlord's rights:

First and foremost, the tenant has broken his agreement with the landlord as he is using his apartment for a place of business. Especially since this is specifically written into the agreement that he is forbidden from doing so. Second, we must first know which state and county the apartment complex is located in. For instance, in Arizona, the tenants basically have no rights as far as eviction. What I mean is that they can give the tenant 30 days notice to vacate for any reason or evict them for any reason they so choose, especially in the county of Mohave. In California, a landlord may evict a tenant if the tenant has ...

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This solution discusses landlord and tenant rights specific to the lease conditions suggested in Cactus Properties scenario.