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High Tech Inc Old time Co: Understanding operating leverage

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Understanding the effects of operating leverage

High Tech Inc and Old time Co. compete within the same industry and had the following operating results in 2010:

High Tech Inc Old Time Inc
Sales $2,100,000 $2,100,000
Variable expenses $ 420,000 1,260,000
Contribution margin $1,680,000 $840,000
Fixed Expenses 1,470,000 630,000
Operating Income $ 210,000 $210,000


A) Calculate the break- even point for each firm in terms of revenue.
B) What observation can you draw by examining the break- even point of each firm given that they earned an equal amount of operating income on identical sales volume in 2010?
C) Calculate the amount of operating income (or loss) that you would expect each firm to report in 2011 if sales were to 1. INCREASE BY 20% 2. DECREASE BY 20%.
D) Using the amounts computed in requirement C, calculate the increase or decrease in the amount of operating income expected in 2011 from the amount reported in 2010.
E) Explain why an equal percentage increase (or decrease) in sales for each firm would have such differing effects on operating income.
F) Calculate the ratio of contribution margin to operating income for each firm in 2010. (hint: divide contribution margin by operating income).
G) Multiply the expected increase in sales of 20% for 2011 by the ratio of contribution margin to operating income for 2010 computed in requirement (F) for each firm. (hint : multiply your answer in requirement (F) by 0.2).
H) Multiply your answer in requirement (G) by the operating income of $210,000 reported in 2010 for each firm.
I) Compare your answer in requirement (H) with your answer in requirement (D). What conclusion can you draw about the effects of operating leverage from the steps you perform in requirements (f) (g) and (h)?

Show your work in excel.

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