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Nissan Motor Case Analysis

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Help me understand Nissan motors from this perspective.

How would you describe the context into which Carlos Ghosn was thrown when he was recruited in 1999 to turn around Nissan? How would you describe Ghosn's leadership style?

How would you measure Ghosn's approach to leading change? How effective was he? To what extent did his leadership affect the strategy at Nissan?

In 2002, some industry experts remarked that Nissan's success was partly achieved at the expense of its suppliers. Do you agree? Why or why not? Is Nissan poised for long-term success?

What strategic and specific recommendations would you make to "Le Cost Killer" moving beyond 2002?

Yoshino, Michael Y., and Masako Egawa. "Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., 2002." Harvard Business School Case 303-042, October 2002. (Revised February 2006.)

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Case study of transformation of Nissan by Carlos Ghosn given in a powerpoint of 10 slides with speaker notes and references.

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