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Bill's weekly magazine: Bill improve his quality of work

Bill runs a small weekly magazine business consisting of a few copywriters and journalists, in addition to the printers. He feels extremely drained because he writes and reviews 25 articles per week. He thinks his business is too important to him, and he often micromanages issues. He also feels, however, that creativity and quality of work suffer because of this. How will his current system of work affect his business and team? How can Bill improve his quality of work?

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I am worried that Bill's micromanagement will have a detrimental effect on his magazine.

Firstly, let us examine the situation. Bill employees journalists and copywriters, yet he is the one who is writing and reviewing 25 articles per week. Why employee a staff of copywriters and journalists if you are going to do all of the work yourself anyways? What type of impression does Bill give out to his staff if he is the one who is taking charge of every article? They will feel belittled, like their work is not valued. They will feel like they are not a contributing member of the team.

Because Bill is the owner of the magazine, it is normal that he will take a vested interest in the success of the publication, but at what cost? Managers can't be the ones who do all of the work, their position is to guide and assist his staff. There has to be a reason why he is the one writing and reviewing 25 articles a week. Does he not trust his staff? Does he think he can do a better job himself?

By micromanaging, you are taking away the ability of your staff to learn, develop and grow. If you are the one constantly taking over and doing all the work, how do you expect your staff to gain hands-on experience on the job? Bill is sending off a very ...

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The solution examines how Bill improve for his quality of work for a weekly magazine. How his current system of work affects his business and team is provided.